Feel Good Challenge

I started our It Works System today!! I took “Before” pictures and weighed myself and am ready to get serious!

Here is how it works:

Tighten, tone, and firm your body with That Crazy Wrap Thing
EXAMPLE: I am wrapping tonight!

Cut out “bad” foods and replace with healthy foods for just 2-4 days a month
EXAMPLE: Today I switched regular noodles with zucchini noodles!

Fire up your metabolism to burn more calories and boost energy with Ultimate ThermoFit™ and Greens
EXAMPLE: Today I took Greens in the morning and Thermofit with lunch and dinner.

The system comes with a convenient  BLENDER BOTTLE with containers that hold your Greens and your supplements!

it works system

In all honesty I have been feeling pretty awful lately so this couldn’t come at a better time! I have not been exercising regularly and have been trying to eat everything in “moderation” but finding that my body just can’t process certain foods no matter how hard I try. I followed the Paleo diet a few years ago and while it helped me really lose weight and get rid of most of my stomach issues, I still didn’t feel 100%, which led me to fall off the wagon. I’ve done a lot of research since then and think the best thing for my body will be to follow a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables with some lean protein. I am in need of some major detoxing, so in addition to the It Works System above, I will be following this regimen:

MORNING: New You (1), Greens, It’s Vital Complete Nutrition Pack, Confianza, Defend Essential Oil to prepare me for my day

NOON: Thermofit (1) with lunch, Boom Essential Oil on wrists for an energy boost

NIGHT: Thermofit (1) with dinner, Regular (2) after dinner, New You (2) before bed, Chill Essential Oil in my diffuser while I sleep!

These extra supplements will meet all of my daily nutrition needs by ensuring removal of toxins, alkalizing my body, promoting increased calorie burning, boosting my metabolic rate, providing energy, improving my sleep quality and memory, while reducing stress and fatigue. If you’d like information about specific supplements, please let me know!

I would like to add in 3 days of exercise/week and to avoid and add the following foods to see if it helps with my bloating and exhaustion, which are the two worst symptoms I’ve been having the past few months.


-Sprouts, asparagus, wild blueberries, bananas, garlic, broccoli, kale, raspberries, blackberries, romaine lettuce, red-skinned apples, cilantro, coconut oil, celery, bananas, avocados, strawberries, flax seeds, parsley.


-Corn, soy, canola oil, processed sugar, eggs, dairy, pork, farmed fish, gluten, MSG, natural flavors, artificial flavors and sweeteners, citric acid.

Here are my before pictures! Wish me luck and if you’d like to join me, you can join our exclusive and supportive Facebook Community here!

January 4 Before Pictures

Finding Rest

It feels more apparent now than ever that our world is a messed up, broken place.

Walking into a movie theater, mall, sporting event and even church can give me the heebie-jeebies, constantly turning my head to see each new person who enters and make sure they aren’t toting a gun. This is not normal. This is not how it should be. But I’ve so easily crept into the behaviors that it’s starting to feel natural.

There have been many nights that I’ve laid in bed for sometimes hours, wide awake, fearful of all the horrible possibilities of random tragedies that could occur even in my small town, no amount of self-talk able to get me to sleep.

I have made the mistake of watching the news before bed and been awoken several times with nightmares of guns, terror and violence.

As my pastor said in his last message (Redemption Songs, Pt. 2: The Benedictus), every day we are met with another tragedy. Evil is running rampant in our world and it makes us scared. In our fear we clamp down. We want it stamped out. We think we can eliminate the threat and stay safe, but what keeps us up at night is knowing deep down that we can’t. History says that we can’t educate sin out of people and we can’t destroy evil permanently. The longing that we have for safety is good and natural, but ultimately, it can only be found fulfilled in Jesus.

As a control freak, I admit that this makes me crazy.

But as a Christian, there is good news.

Paul says in Col. 2 that on the cross Jesus didn’t just atone for sin, but as he hung there, rejected by both heaven and earth, he also defeated evil.

He took the worst that evil could dish out—he bore death, and then he defeated it.

As my pastor said, “Our hope for a world or peace, safety and security is not more legislation, it’s not closed borders, it’s not less guns or more guns. Our hope is in a savior that has already defeated death, who has  given those who have faith in him that same victory–that death cannot permanently touch us–and has promised to come again to be the one to put evil down fully and finally.”

As we approach our next election with debates and campaigning, I will remember that as a Christian, I need not put my hope in a stronger ruler.

Our king has come and defeated our greatest enemies and he will come again.

I have to rest in this or I may never sleep again.


A Redemption Song

Last week I drove home from a meeting and it suddenly hit me that I was just not measuring up.


Not as a mentor to the teen moms I work with.

Not as a leader in my business.

Not as a friend.

Not as a woman.

And most importantly, not as a wife or mother.

Every which way I turned I was bombarded with awful thoughts about what a failure I was in every aspect of my life.

Each time I tried to think of something positive I was reminded of yet another example of a time or place I had recently failed.

I’m not mentoring anyone specifically in YoungLives. I’m a failure. 

I haven’t been working my business enough. I’m a failure. 

I feel like none of my friends like me anymore. I’m a failure. 

I’ve gained 5 pounds. I’m a failure. 

I’m not paying enough attention to my husband. I’m a failure. 

I’m not spending enough time with my kids. I’m a failure.  

I sobbed the entire drive home. Then for another thirty minutes in the shower. And maybe another hour or two (especially after trying to watch Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors….#allthetears). After a glass of wine and venting to a good friend I was feeling a little bit better but still about 80% failure.

I had listened to our most recent sermon (Redemption Songs, pt. 2: The Benedictus) that day but hadn’t finished it, so the morning after my mini-breakdown I turned it on and the last 15 minutes took my breath away.

It was like our pastor was speaking right to all those fears and feelings of failure.

He said, “We may try to deny it through distraction or effort but we know deep down that we don’t measure up.”

Yes,  how did you know?! I don’t measure up!

We know that something isn’t right. The bible says we feel that way because we are in fact sinners who have in fact betrayed God, so, yes, we are guilty. It’s true. We feel guilt and shame because we have broken our relationship with God. We are sinners by human nature. We can’t help it.

But there is good news…God has promised to deal with that sin. He has decided to freely forgive us. Through Jesus, God is coming to do what He promised to do–redeem us, be our forgiveness, bear the weight of our betrayal, bear our guilt before God.

As my pastor said, there is no amount of self help, positive thinking, or therapy that can deal with the problem of sin. And as I learned that night last week, there is no amount of tears, wine or venting to friends, either.

The only thing that can reconcile us to God is the finished work of Jesus.

This is what Christianity is about. And this is why I keep going back to Holy Cross PCA every week.

Every Sunday I hear the message that Jesus didn’t come to teach me how to get to God. Jesus came to GET ME to God. (So it’s okay to place my trust in Him).

Every Sunday I hear that it isn’t about better rules for me to keep, it’s about a better keeper of the rules. (Who is FOR ME).

If you trust in Christ then your sin has been removed for you.


Rid yourself of the shame, the guilt, the failures.

Because Jesus is enough.

How refreshing! How freeing! To hear this good news for what felt like the first time.

To know that…

I am no  longer defined by my failures. I am defined by Jesus’ successes.

I may be a sinner, but  because of Jesus, I’m not a failure!