Daily Archives: November 1, 2009

Henry and Me

I couldn’t resist capturing Henry and me in our “matching” Halloween outfits, though he was more interested in finding the treat in my hand then posing for the camera!

Henry’s First Halloween 1

Henry and cousin Hokie got together for a few Halloween treats in their costumes. Hokie was an adorable squirrel (one of her favorite things to chase) and Henry was a bumble bee. He actually HATED the costume and ran from it whenever he saw it. It took a lot of coaxing to get it on, only to find that it was way too small. We got a few shots and promised him we’d never put it on again. We’ll have to dress up the baby next year instead!

Yes to Denim Leggings!

After doing some research, I actually found denim maternity leggings online at Motherhood Maternity. I couldn’t resist….I ordered them as a trial and actually fell in love. They are so comfortable that I haven’t wanted to take them off since. Ben is still a little skeptical about the “jeggings” but I am planning on wearing them a lot!