Make it Beautiful Monday: All smiles 5

First, let’s get down to business.
The winner of our Laurel Denise giveaway is…
 Thank you, Molly, for all of your support for Clara and Sophie!
And, for our next big news…
I am so blessed to announce that 2 Little Birdies has not only offered to do a giveaway for all those who donate to Clara and Sophie this week, but…
…the designer has created personal necklaces for both girls!
And $10 from the sale of each necklace will go into their adoption funds.
Here is the Clara necklace:
I LOVE it!!!
And the Sophie necklace:
So sweet and feminine.
I want them both!
So, from now until March 16th OR the necklaces sell out, if you buy either necklace $10 will go into the respective girl’s fund!
Thank you so much to 2 Little Birdies for such a generous offer!
And don’t forget…
if you happen donate to either girl this week, leave a comment on THIS post to be entered to win this beautiful necklace, also by 2 Little Birdies.
For more details on how to donate, click the button on my sidebar or here.
And now for some smiles:
 AJH cheering for our Indians…where I teach and BRH coaches.
I got the tutu from Loving Shop in support of Nella’s ONEder fund.
I found out today that AJH really loves helping with the laundry.
Don’t mind those hanky panky’s!
 And our love affair with ducky is still going strong.
I just hope this will be less traumatic to get rid of than a paci.
Have a great week!

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