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It is finicky these days… 1

Sometimes you have to wonder how these little Spam comments come to life.
Because I let “anonymous” people leave comments on my blog, I get a lot of spam, which I normally delete. 
Except for this one.
This one was just too funny. 
With the words penetrate and finicky all in the same paragraph I just could not let it go. 
Enjoy my spam…
with a side of old-time lace mingling dresses
a dash of Victorian shoelace 
and, of course, how could you forget the matured plot?

Oh, How Pinteresting! Wednesday #1 8

Since Pinterest is one of my newest obsessions, I thought this was such a great idea. If you haven’t signed up with Pinterest yet, I highly recommend it, especially those for planning everything from a wedding, to a nursery, to a meal. It’s fabulous! Here are my favorite “pins” this week. 

 This Strawberry and Feta salad has been on our menu a lot lately.

We are currently shopping for a new camera. Any recommendations? I think this one is really vintage looking and pricy pretty.

I love this ring from Old Navy and am really mad I didn’t buy it when I first saw it.

This book is next on my list. Has anyone read it yet?
I have been watching lots of “Sex and the City” reruns lately and had to pin this outfit after watching the season finale. Who doesn’t love a good tutu?

So pretty.

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What have you pinned lately? 
PS–if you want to link up to O.H.P.W. , a really easy way to copy your Pins by clicking on the pin on your board, then clicking “embed” on the right, copying the code, and pasting it into your blog post HTML.

Everybody Like Everybody 3

This is why I love this girl
…because she sends me funny stuff like that with absolutely no explanation.
I have no idea where it is from, or who the guy is, but he reminds me of either a young Elton John, the kid who played Augusten Burroughs in Running With Scissors (the movie) OR Charlie from Lost (whom I ADORE).
Maybe she’ll comment tomorrow and let us know the details.
Until then, I’m just enjoying the reminder to E.L.E!
PS–Check out my new venture and let me know if you’re interested!