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Hey, It’s OK…#5 1

Hey, It’s OK…
…to dress my daughter and myself in matching long as they’re leopard print.
…to never actually make any of the crap I pin on Pinterest. (Wait, I made something! See here)
…to have ten different varieties of the same lacy, cream colored shirt. As my awesome little sis would tweet, #sowhatwhocares?
…to admit that I need to step up my game from time to time. (And by “game,” I mean the mommy game, the punctuality game, the cooking game, etc.) Instead of going into a “shame spiral” (as quoted from this week’s Modern Family) I will just say, “Okay, time to step up my game a little bit.” It’s much healthier for me than, “Okay, you suck at life” every time we’re late for music class.
…to be just a little high maintenance. I mean, who am I kidding… A lot high maintenance. I think the hubby appreciates my extra efforts.
…that my 18 month old doesn’t quite understand the whole sharing thing yet. Or is this not okay?
…to not really be into Glee.

Stay tuned next week for a special “family” edition of “Hey, It’s OK…” dedicated to the wild and wonderful childhood my sister and I were reminiscing on via Twitter recently…

Pinterest Recipe #1 4

I found this recipe for Tuscan Pasta with Tomato-Basil Cream sauce on Pinterest via HokieBetsy and decided to put it to the test tonight in an effort to prove that YES, I will, in fact, make something that I “pin.”
I luckily had all of the ingredients except for the Ssun-dried tomato Alfredo sauce. I found this recipe for Quick and Easy Alfredo sauce, which I whipped up to add to the dish. I also added some frozen spinach to the sauce to give it a (tiny) healthy kick.

With the leftovers from the bridal shower this weekend I made a tomato, mozzarella and basil salad for our appetizer, which complimented the pasta well.
Here is the real-life version of the dish, complete with paper towel napkin, which looks a bit different from the professional image…
…but still tasted great!

The verdict is…it was delish! Though we normally don’t cook with a creamy sauce, we were both was pleasantly surprised with how much we enjoyed the flavor.
Thank you Pinterest and HokieBetsy (who happens to be our awesome cousin)
for the great recipe!

Do you have a favorite recipe you found on Pinterest?

Instant Upload #3 1

Enjoy our week in three measly cell phone pictures!
 I made this necklace for the upcoming MaDee’s Market! If you are a local reader, you should definitely try to make it and support a wonderful cause! Designs by Kara Kihm will also be there selling her fabulous dress line!
 They’re hard to see here, but I couldn’t resist getting AJH the Missoni for Target rain boots when I saw they had them in her size. They are super cute and her favorite phrase of the moment is “Shoe on, shoe on, shoe on” or “boot on, boot on, boot on,” depending on her mood.
 My hubby surprised me with these beautiful roses this week and they made the perfect addition to the bridal shower we held on Saturday for my soul sister, Valerie. It was a wonderful time full of love and vintage treasures.
Happy Monday!