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2 thoughts on “…Laughing all the way!

  • Sandy

    Laughing all the way was a perfect way to phrase your trip to visit us. Annalee is the most entertaining little girl I've seen since my children were young. Everything she says and does is funny & smart. We sure didn't need the t.v. on. She made our day, I can't imagine any holidays without her. I just wish we lived closer so she could brighten my day every day. For now i have to settle for looking at the pictures on my phone & your blog when i need a pick me up. She always brightens my mood.

  • Sandy

    we had rhe pleasure of a visit from Annalee for Christmas & laughing couldn't be more accurate. She lightens the mood from the moment the comes thru the door. She just has a light around her that you can't help being drawn to. We laughed from the beginning to the end of her visit , which is always too short. once she is gone i look at the pic's on my phone or on Priscilla's blog to brighten my days. She is such a blessing.