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Financial Freedom is Real


$5,000 paid toward debt just this month, in addition to over $1,000 given to a family in need.

I am not sharing this to brag, I am sharing to let you know that there is hope! You don’t have to live in the shackles of debt. You don’t have to wish that “someday” you could give more. You can do it right here, right now! My company has not just taught me the importance of being debt free, they have given me the means and tools to do it! I am embarrassed and ashamed of the debt I acquired over the last five years, but I can hear the chains falling and feel the weight leaving my chest! I will not let debt drown my dreams and rob the world of my stories. Why should you?!!

Join me now!

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Blessed to Be a Blessing

Need some good news today? With the help of my amazing team, I was able to just call and pay the power bill of single mother who has been out of electricity for over a week. We came together and raised the money she needed in just a few hours. Now when she gets home from work she and her three kids will have LIGHTS! This is what it’s all about! I am in shock daily at the situations God is putting me in through this business. It’s about so much more than making money… it’s about hope and rescue! 



be a blessing