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Pick a Number and Let’s Talk

I am looking for 5 new business partners who are willing to claim their spot TODAY! I will personally mentor you while you check these items off of your list! Pick a number that applies to you and contact me to get started!
(1) Earn an extra $500
(2) Go on a CRUISE this year
(3) Pay off a credit card💳
(4) Be a stay at home parent‍‍
(5) Save for your children’s college
(6) Take your family on vacation
(7) Give back to the community
(8) Fire your boss
(9) Upgrade your iPhone
(10) Cover the cost of childcare
(11) Hire a housekeeper 💁
(12) Pay off your car 🚘🚘🚘
(13) Never wake up to an alarm again ⏰
(14) Pay cash for a new car
(15) Pay off your mortgage 💸
(16) Give back to your parents
(17) Purchase your dream home

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Mom’s: I’m on a MISSION today.

School is back in session. That means there are a lot of stay-home-moms right now with some free time.

My question is this: How are you spending your time? Relaxing? Going to the gym? Shopping? Playing on your phones? Surfing Facebook? Posting pics on Instagram? Lunch with girlfriends? Why not do ALL these things AND make money at the same time?

Nothing in your life has to change except drawing a paycheck.

Did I mention I have hundreds of moms on my team doing this right now? It’s true. Make a $500 bonus + $599 per month starting out.

My CAREER is It Works & my goals are to help moms everywhere with 2 things: Give hope and grant freedom! Join me! 

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Direct Selling News magazine, the leading publication for the direct selling industry, has ranked It Works! No. 15 on its North America 50 list and No. 31 on its sixth annual DSN Global 100, an exclusive ranking of the top revenue-generating companies in direct selling.

“I am thankful for our Loyal Customers and so proud of our team around the world for helping us earn this honor,” said Mark Pentecost, It Works! CEO. “We aren’t slowing down! My team is ready to take things to a ‘whole ‘notha level’ for 2015!”

The DSN Global 100 is a collective effort to show the impact and potential of the $178.5 billion direct selling industry. The 2015 list, unveiled online at and featured in the June issue of Direct Selling News magazine, represents aggregate revenue of $82 billion from companies based in 14 countries.

About It Works!
It Works! is a Skin Care and Nutrition company, named for the excited reaction people have when trying our products for the first time – It Works! Our products are sold globally through our network of Independent Distributors who work as One Team with One Mission—to change lives from the inside out! Our family of distributors and loyal customers are looking great, getting out of debt, having fun, and giving back to the community.


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