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Karen’s Testimony

What an awesome story from Karen!

“Three years ago, I attended my first wrap party. To say I was skeptical would be too generous. In my elastic waist, jersey knit pants, I didn’t even really notice any results, despite the fact that the tape measure showed a loss of several inches. I thanked the host and left, not making a purchase or booking a party. Still a skeptic, I had no idea how much that wrap would change my life.

It wasn’t until the next day, after arriving in Nebraska following a red eye flight that my curiosity was piqued. I put on the same denim shorts that I could barely zip when I packed just before the wrap party, and less than 18 hours later, they FIT! I was stunned. However, I was sure it wouldn’t last. When I returned a week later wearing those same shorts with my shirt TUCKED IN, I called my distributor from the baggage claim. I wanted to wrap again, and this time, I had LOTS of questions. I had received a text from a friend who wanted to wrap along with three of her friends, so I considered hosting a party of my own. After seeing even more results after that second wrap and discovering that for $99, I could become a distributor and get 4 wraps with my kit, I knew it was something I had to try.

At the time, I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t realize the blessings that were right in front of me:

🙏the integrity of this company,
🍓how these products would help me change my lifestyle,
🔋how I would lose over 80 pounds, have more energy, and my health would improve dramatically,
😀the many dear friends I would make,
💭the benefits of being surrounded by people who would show me how to dream while providing a vehicle to reach them,
🙌seeing the power of working together as a team and being blessed to be a blessing,
👀leaders who would demonstrate how to humbly serve others,
👨👩👦👦the many dear people I would meet as customers,
👭the team I would be blessed with,
🙋the lives that would be changed (most of all mine!),
💰and the unbelievable power of residual income.
I am blessed, indeed. Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity.

It Works! It Worked. It is Working.”

karen results

There is no quick fix

We all know that life is not about quick fixes, regardless of our patience or lack thereof.

I have seen some controversy about how a product I use and share is just a “quick fix” for those who are too lazy to eat a healthy diet and exercise.

Well, let me share my story.

I started the Paleo diet for health reasons when my daughter was six months old in January of 2013. I had lost all my baby weight and was at my pre-pregnancy weight of 130. I was generally happy with my physical appearance but I felt awful all the time—exhausted, anxious and in pain after every meal. I started following the Paleo lifestyle and exercising a few times a week, and by April of 2013 I had lost 12 pounds and felt amazing!

I had some extra skin on my stomach that wasn’t going anywhere despite my extremely healthy diet and exercise regimen. Like most mamas, I thought I was stuck with it and had resigned to wearing “Spanx” for the rest of my life on those special occasions. And honestly, I was okay with that. I didn’t “hate my body” or think I was “broken.” Would it be nice to see the abs hiding under all that extra skin? Sure!

I saw a friend’s results from the Ultimate Body Applicator and thought, “Cool! This would be amazing, even if it only “worked” for a couple hours and allowed me to not have to ever wear spanx again!” At the time I had no idea it would actually work a lot longer than a few hours!

I never thought I was being targeted, bullied, or shamed because of my post-baby body.

I never felt broken or less than because of the post I saw.

I just thought, “Cool! I bet all my friends would love this product!”

And I was right!

I am not here to “fix” anyone or anything. I am here to offer help and hope. This is not a quick fix, miracle, magical solution. This is a product that heals the skin and helps people along their journey.

I didn’t need a wrap to feel good about myself, and neither do you. Will it help? Maybe! Is it awesome? Yes! Is it okay to want to look sexy and feel confident? Of course! It does not make you vain or selfish to do so.

We all have things we want help with from our hair, to our skin, to our digestion. If we didn’t we would never go shopping, never get our hair done, never wear make-up, and never worry about diet or exercise.

I pray that my heart will be shown through my words and actions as I continue using these products and helping others to do the same. Much love!

my results from one wrap

Hair, Skin + Nails Proprietary Blend Does More Than You Think

When looking at the full list of the Hair, Skin and Nails Proprietary Blend, I was amazed at what each perfectly selected ingredient could do! From reducing the appearance of wrinkles to combatting greying hair, this stuff does A LOT more than just make your hair grow! Check it out:

Grape Seed Extract

    • reduces the appearance of wrinkles
    • softens and smooths the skin
    • the OPC’s in grape seed extract inhibit the production of DHT, one of the main factors of hairloss. The OPC’s also stimulate hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth.

Fo Ti Root

    • Chinese use this to combat greying hair & premature aging.
    • Fo ti is called he shou wu, which means “black haired Mr. He” in Chinese. This name refers to a legend of an older villager named Mr. He who took fo ti and restored his black hair, youthful appearance and vitality.

Amla Fruit Extract

    • used for treating skin diseases, relief from skin disorders caused by an imbalance.
    • helps clear pimples and acne
    • enriches hair growth and hair pigmentation.
    • strengthens roots of hair, maintains color
    • prevents dandruff
    • strengthens teeth and nails

Goji Fruit Extract

    • protects the skin
    • helps healing skin, cuts
    • fortifies nails and hair
    • Can also, protect the liver, help eyesight, improve sexual function and fertility, strengthen the legs, boost immune function, and improve circulation.

Horsetail Extract

    • Horsetail is loaded with silicon. Silicon is the material that collagen is made from. Collagen is the skin’s natural way of staying youthful, supple and sheen. In fact, many skin care experts fondly refer to collagen as the natural skin rejuvenator. So it should come as no shocker that a-listers and supermodels have sworn by horsetail extract for years upon years as a safe and natural way for them to maintain their youthful appearances.
    • It’s a fast-acting cosmetic agent that works to bind your blood vessels together – using silicon – so your skin stays evenly textured, toned and glowing.
    • Contains selenium and silica, which work to improve the flow of blood to the scalp, and that aids in helping to prevent hair loss and improving hair health.
    • Horsetail also is a powerful astringent as well as hosting an array of antibacterial properties, and can help your skin quickly heal from many different conditions, such as acne or even eczema.
    • It also works to strengthen your teeth and bones.

Japanese seaweed blend (kombu, nori, and wakame)

    • Kombu:  Kombu is valuable for its high content of iodine, which is needed to produce two important thyroid hormones that control the metabolism. Our bodies don’t make iodine, so we have to get it through food. Many people are thyroid deficient and the iodine in kombu can help. Also, there is a pigment in kombu called fucoxanthin, which may boost production of a protein involved in fat metabolism.
    • Nori: A “skin superstar,” the omega-3s in Nori help create a natural oil barrier on your skin, helping to reduce acne and dry skin, particularly helpful during these dry, heated winter months. Nori also helps reduce the body’s production of inflammatory compounds that affect how healthy the skin looks and feels.
    • Wakame: It is a diuretic, which means it helps reduce the amount of water in the body. Because it prevents bloating and is packed with osteoporosis-preventing calcium and magnesium, wakame is sometimes referred to as the “women’s seaweed.” But the wakame benefits don’t end here – this seaweed is also high in important trace minerals and is one of the few non-animal sources of vitamin B12.

Haematococcus pluvialis whole algae extract

    • Benefits in the areas of anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular health, eye and brain health, skin improvement and the protection of skin from UV damage.

Olive Fruit Extract

    •  Support skin health and improves oxidative status.

Melon Pulp Concentrate

    • Reduces Stress and Improves Vitality

Check it out here!

My personal results.

My personal results.