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Happiness Is…Date Night, Friday Night Lights and Good Music

Right now happiness is…

Friday Night Lights: BEST. SHOW. EVER. I am kind of in love with so many of the characters. Tim Riggins for being my equivalent to Sawyer from Lost. Matt Saracen for singing Mr. Sandman to his grandma. Tami Taylor for her hair…her glorious hair. Lyla Garrity for just being so darn pretty. Coach Taylor for his…everything. And the MUSIC, don’t even get me started on the MUSIC!

(insert cheesy picture here)


Date Nights: I mentioned our date night in this post, but I can’t reiterate enough how much getting out for dinner and a movie every once in a while is a necessity when you have two small children. As we walked into the movie theater I said, “I feel like we’re in college again!” Geez, it’s been a while!

“Girl from the North Country,” Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash: I mentioned that we loved Silver Linings Playbook in my last post, and this is one of the best songs from the sountrack. I have the original Bob Dylan record with “Girl from North Country” so hearing this brought me back to my 9th grade bedroom, listening to that scratchy voice on my Fisher-Price record player for the very first time. You just can’t recreate that feeling, and hearing it in the movie came pretty close. This version with Johnny Cash is legendary. I found another version with Joe Cocker on Spotify and loved it, too.

“I’ll Tumble 4 Ya:” My sis sent this song to me through Facebook today and, I mean…I just can’t get enough. How can you not love some good Boy George? And that title? What does it mean to “tumble” for one? I’m guessing it’s quite the term of endearment. I’m wondering why Tumblr hasn’t stolen it for their official motto?! This video is just pure amazing-ness. I dare you to watch it without smiling.

Feeling Good! It feels good to be back into blogging. It feels good to be eating better and working toward feeling better physically and mentally. Hail to Operation Feel Good 2013!

Paleo Diet, Day 3: No Sugar Tonight

Here’s a quick summary of Day 3. I’m trying to decide if Sunday is going to be my “cheat day” because we typically eat out after church, and always have a big “Potluck” style meal with my husband’s family for dinner.

Breakfast: Banana and trail mix of almonds, walnuts and craisins

Thoughts/Feelings/Observations: I felt pretty good and snacked on this little mix all through church and Sunday school.

Lunch: El Charro, Mexican Restaurant. I caved and ate some chips and salsa, but not much because the salsa was too darn hot. I ordered chicken fajitas with grilled pepper and onions. I ate some of the rice and beans on the side, which may have been a bad idea! I had unsweet tea with lots of lemon to drink.

Thoughts/Feelings/Observations: I loved the chicken and veggies and felt very full afterward. This is the second time eating rice has given me a bad reaction, though. As soon as I got home it was run to the bathroom time 🙁

Dinner: Potluck Style–Grilled chicken + veggies sautéed with lemon juice, lemon pepper, garlic, olive oil and vinegar. Beef Stew with vegetables and white potatoes, Sausage Soup with tomatoes, and veggies. A few bites of warm chicken salad, and one bite of a queso dip. Sweet tea (gasp!!).

Thoughts/Feelings/Observations: I know Sundays are going to be hard for me.  It can be SO hard to turn down some of my old favorites but I’m quickly realizing that it’s just not worth it when I feel horribly afterward. Tonight the biggest reaction I had was from the sweet tea. As soon as we got in the car to leave I felt shaky, nervous and anxious. I felt like that sugar was just pulsing through me. NOT a good feeling. It’s so interesting to be more aware of what I’m putting into my body and how it affects my mood. It seems like sugar really does have a bad effect on me!

And now all I can think of is…”No Sugar Tonight in My Coffee! No Sugar Tonight in My Tea!”




Paleo Diet, Day 2: Gluten Free Beer is No Good for this Girl 2

Here is a run down of Day 2!

Breakfast: raisins, water

Thoughts/Feelings/Observations: I’m getting sick of raisins but I haven’t been to the store yet so that’s all I had. I was pretty gassy this morning but I know it could take weeks and even months before I get all of the yuckiness out of my system (especially after eating spaghetti smothered in cheese last night).

Lunch: Spinach salad with raw carrots, broccoli, and onions. Ken’s steakhouse “Golden Vidalia Onion” salad dressing. The dressing is Gluten free but I’m sure it’s not “Paleo.” For now, it’s all I really have and it is DELICIOUS!

Thoughts/Feelings/Observations: I felt really great after lunch but was getting pretty hungry by dinnertime.

Snack: MORE RAISINS. They aren’t the best option because they are full of sugar, but they were all I had.

Dinner: A few Sushi (California Rolls) which I knew were NOT Paleo because of the rice. Three spring rolls with crab, carrots, and lettuce wrapped in rice paper. This is probably not 100% Paelo, but once again, I was on the go and this was a quick buy at the grocery store that we could eat on the way to our movie date. We stopped for appetizers after the movie and got some to-die-for deviled eggs topped with crab meat and chicken wings from Capital Ale House. I’m sure it wasn’t “totally Paleo” but it was definitely better than nachos or french fries. I tried a Gluten free beer which I soon realized was still not Paleo…or any good! Hubby drank it for me and I got a delicious glass of Virginia Cabernet Franc. The debate is out on alcohol–most people who follow Paleo say NO alcohol, but others say a glass or red wine or clear liquor drink here and there is okay. I don’t plan on giving up wine anytime soon!

Thoughts/Feelings/Observations: I finally made it to the grocery store to be better prepared for this diet! See a synopsis of what I got below. I felt pretty good after the sushi and spring rolls. I was barely tempted to get movie theater popcorn or soda (probably because we were in a hurry and because of the outrageous prices). I felt a little bit gassy after leaving the Ale House which could have been from that crazy Gluten Free beer…

New Planet Gluten Free Beer

Grocery List:

-Organic Free Range Chicken breasts and tenderloins, wild cod, ground fresh turkey burger patties. (We already have plenty of local beef in our freezer).

-Lots of frozen and fresh fruits and veggies, like Kale, avocado, carrots, celery, broccoli, bananas, grapes apples, and more.

-Walnuts, almonds and craisins to make a “trail mix” snack. I realized afterward that sweetened craisins have too much sugar and are not Paleo…no wonder I love them so much!

-Fresh, organic Eggs

-Pickles, olives, lemon juice, dijon mustard–all condiments which are Paleo friendly!

This diet actually simplified my grocery trip because I basically stayed out of the middle aisles (where all the “fillers” are like, chips, snacks, etc.)

“Feel Goods” of the Day: Feeling good is the whole point of this journey, so these are the things I’m doing daily to help me achieve this goal on the inside and out. 

-I got new glasses yesterday and I think I like them…at least more than the ones from college that I’ve been wearing! And the best part, I can actually see out of them!

new Fossil glasses

-Having a “Date Night” with the hubby. We went to the movies and saw Silver Linings Playbook, which was one of the best movies we’d both seen in a very long time. It was very funny, very real, kind of weird, and really sweet–definitely my kind of movie! It was so great for the two of us to get out and enjoy some time together, and we are very grateful for our babysitter who came at the last minute!

Thanks again for all of the encouragement…keeping up with everything on the blog has really made me feel more accountable!