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Fall Fashion 2015

Okay, so it’s still in the upper 80’s here in VA but I am so ready for fall fashion!! I can’t wait to wear all my favorite boots…so I went ahead and tried out this new pair! You can’t really see it….but they have fringe on the side! I am always into fringe, whether it’s in style or not!


fall fashion

Outfit details:

Shirt, It Works Global Store

Jeans, Gap Girlfriend Jeans

Boots, Steve Madden, T.J. Maxx this season

Fall Fashion…Navy is My New Neutral 2

I never used to be a huge fan of navy blue. It always reminded me of some sort of work uniform…until now. Navy is not so boring when paired with fun colors like chartreuse and turquoise. Not as harsh as black, and more slimming than white, I think I’ve found my new neutral!

Option One:

Navy blue wrap top, Target

Turquoise cords, Target

Necklace, South Moon Under

Bracelet, Vintage

Regina Ballet Flat in Cognac, Frye

Option Two:

Switch out the wrap top for a navy blue tank top, Old Navy

Option One:

Navy floral print top, TJ Maxx

Chartreuse Cords, Target

Option Two:

Navy/white button-down, J. Crew


What’s your favorite from these navy looks?

Fall Fashion…Urban Vintage?

I’m what you call a “stay-at-home-slash-work-at-home-mom.” I try to fit a full-time job as a Marketing and Social Media director for a local jewelry store into two days of work from home while the kids go to a babysitter. On those days I try wear what I call “real clothes,” especially if I’m going to be out in public. Real Clothes=not yoga pants. Because my size has fluctuated post-baby I had to buy a few pair of new pants (including these) and have been pretty excited about trying them out.  After almost a year of maternity clothes, it’s kind of nice wearing things that don’t involve some sort of stretch (sometimes 😉 )

This morning I came out in this outfit and as I was inspecting it in the mirror my hubby said, “Ohh, you’re looking very…urban…vintage today.”


I know he had no idea what urban vintage really meant and was just saying it because he knew I would love it and that it was probably exactly the look I was going for.

And he was right.

Urban vintage is probably somewhat accurate to my style, or at least the style I aim for.

Plus, it reminds me of Urban Cowboy, one of my favorite movies of all time.

So here is my “urban vintage” look. Something casual and comfortable for a day of work and running errands.

Oatmeal tank top, Old Navy

Lace trimmed cardigan, T.J. Maxx

Skinny jeans, Target

Regina Ballet Flat in Cognac, Frye


Do you have a name for your style, or for the style you aim for?