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Crafty Mama

I bought AJH some beautiful headbands a few weeks ago and quickly realized that I could probably make the very same headbands while also enjoying another creative outlet. I went to our local craft store and found some of the exact flowers used in the headbands I had previously bought. I found some other materials and pre-made headbands, got my glue-gun out and went to town! I made five in about an hour and a half, which isn’t too bad. Here is my first batch, which were a learning experience:
I quickly decided I didn’t like the pre-made headband material and ordered a variety of stretchy lace, which I liked much better. They have evolved into a whole collection:
 I had some interest so I started an Etsy store and have already taken 10 orders! 
If you’re interested in purchasing one for your own little woman, just find me on Etsy and place your order!

One more beautiful floral 1

Our cousin KJE, has a beautiful new Vera Bradley purse. I’ve been admiring it for a while, but now I know why–it has the same type of mini floral pattern that I just blogged about. Here is the fabric, from the Summer 2010 collection:
She has it in the “Alice” style which, according to the Vera website, is “Retro, vintage and stylish…The fabric-covered kisslock frame tops off this 1940s look while its many pockets organizes your essentials in a snap. There‚Äôs even a hidden front pocket for your phone or powder compact!”