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The Kid 1

I spoke about reading The Kid for a BlogHer book review in a previous post, and it was just as compelling as I imagined. I can honestly say it was the most difficult book I have ever read as it very graphically describes the cycle of abuse from the perspective of both the abused and the abuser. I was very excited that my review was one of the five featured out of the 100 that were submitted, especially since it was such a hard read.
Check out my review here and let me know what you think! 
Will you be reading, The Kid?

Make it Beautiful Monday: Priscilla’s Picks 1

So once a month, on a random Monday I would love to do something called “Priscilla’s Picks”–some of my “favorite things” that are making my life more beautiful right now. Just like Oprah but without the screaming audience members. Maybe, eventually, as I build my readership I can even do more “giveaways” on some of these “favorite things” to show all of my awesome followers how much I love them.
(ie., if you know of any local vendors willing to do a little giveaway on this here blog, send them my way!)
After some heavy topics last week, I think this is perfect timing for a fun list of “beautiful things:”
1. The book Pharmacy for the Soul by Osho, a Christmas gift from my mother. It’s really changing the way I look at my mind in a simple, clear-cut, “duh!” kind of way. Just what I need right now! I’ve never heard of this Osho guy, but I’m pretty sure he’s kind of a big deal.
2. The book Positive Discipline: The First Three Years by Jane Nelsen Ed. D. As our little angel goes mobile I am finding the need for “discipline” at the ripe age of nine-months…and it’s hard. This book helps put things in perspective based on what your child is ready for developmentally and how to avoid shame and fear tactics. So far, I agree with everything and love the idea of a form of discipline that is proven to instill responsibility, confidance, and KINDNESS in my child.
3. Leopard Pring Leg-warmers from Target. I love these in so many ways. They are not only fashionable and fun, but practical for diaper changers. We have them in, like, every color.
4. Women’s Smocked Tie-Belt Dress from Old Navy. I’m wearing this today and love the description from the Old Navy website: “Sway into the sunset in this lovely lightweight smocked dress featuring 3/4-length banded sleeves, ruffled hem and tie-belt around the waist. A full-length camisole lining makes it perfect for weekday to weekend-wear.” I must agree! It goes very well with my bohemian bag lady style these days.
The dress in action on Christmas Eve.

5. This girl. In this shirt. On the school bus she loves so much. With chapped lips. My mom said she looks so serious, like no one better even think about touching her bus…like a tough biker chick. I love my biker chick with stars on her pants.

Happy Monday!