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Henry and Me

I couldn’t resist capturing Henry and me in our “matching” Halloween outfits, though he was more interested in finding the treat in my hand then posing for the camera!

Henry’s First Halloween 1

Henry and cousin Hokie got together for a few Halloween treats in their costumes. Hokie was an adorable squirrel (one of her favorite things to chase) and Henry was a bumble bee. He actually HATED the costume and ran from it whenever he saw it. It took a lot of coaxing to get it on, only to find that it was way too small. We got a few shots and promised him we’d never put it on again. We’ll have to dress up the baby next year instead!

The Whole Juno

We didn’t end up going to any parties this year, but since I already gathered the costume together, I went ahead and put it on for a picture. Halloween just isn’t the same for me without dressing up! I tried to talk Ben into being Bleeker, but he wasn’t that enthusiastic. Notice I included the Sunny Delight, which is actually my favorite craving! Thanks to one of my students for letting me borrow the skirt and shoes…it made it more fun!