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Hey, It’s OK….#14

Hey, It’s OK…

…to stop by the Dollar Store  in a desperate need for a Strawberry Pop-Tart fix. (Aren’t you glad to know that you can get Pop-Tarts at the Dollar Store?)

…to be super-sensitive to how others treat your child. Motherhood truly is “deciding to forever have your heart go walking around outside your body…” and it’s not always easy, especially when people don’t seem to like your kid as much as you do.

…to be wrong.

…to listen to the same five Amos Lee songs for a week straight.

…to tell your toddler the videos are “broken” when she asks to watch “Wheels on the Bus” (version #1, 286) for the 100th time.

…to seriously consider the option of getting a personal chef. I mean, seriously consider it, even though it is by no means in my  budget whatsoever. I mean seriously considering working an extra job just to afford the luxury (or at least while pregnant).

…to still vote even when you know your guy probably doesn’t stand a chance.

What are some of your “Hey, It’s OK…” moments of the week?

Hey, It’s OK…#13

Hey, It’s OK…

…to wear the same pair of black leggings every. single. day.

…to wear said black leggings with brown boots, and a brown purse. The days of mixing black and brown are HERE…and I like it!

…to do the unthinkable…wear said black leggings as pants! GASP! Don’t worry, I still cover the front and the back. Just like mixing brown and black, wearing leggings as pants  “is HERE, and is HAPPENING” (from the mouth of my sis) so we might as well embrace it.

…to get a whole lot of pleasure out of editing photos and adding cheesy text to them on Picnik.com.

…to make your husband do a weekly photo shoot of your expanding baby bump.

What are some of your “Hey, It’s OK…” moments of the week?

Hey, It’s OK…#12

Hey, It’s OK…
…to get a giant fist in my stomach when I think about completing our Christmas cards. Taking the perfect picture, finding the perfect card, even getting the perfect corresponding return address labels… maybe if I eliminate the word “perfect” the fist will magically disappear. 
…to think a good mascara can change your whole perspective. 
…to get hyper-obsessed with one thing for hours on end. Current obsession: finding the perfect pair of grey/taupe boots. Follow my boot addiction here.
…to not wear super-festive red or green themed outfits to all of my upcoming holiday functions.
…to be perfectly satisfied with just a five minute session of yoga. Five minutes feels better than no minutes. 
…to not enjoy baking. There are plenty of other ways to be domesticated…or not!