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Valentine’s Day Crafts 3

Valentine’s Day was a great excuse to make some cute things I’ve seen on Pinterest lately. First, I’ve been wanting to make burlap banners for the different holidays since seeing this on Etsy.

After almost buying this one for Christmas, I decided I should just buy the burlap and make my own, because purchasing different banners for each holiday could get pricy. I found you can get 2 yards of burlap at Walmart for under $7, which is much more affordable. I also purchased an alphabet stencil (3.5 inch letters) at Michael’s Craft store, and a new red Sharpie to complete the project. 
My inspiration:
I loosely followed this tutorial found on Pinterest. After cutting the six triangles (6 x 8) I folded the top over and made a small edge. I then learned how to sew the edge over on a sewing machine (thank you EDS and your very helpful mother!). I then strung the hemp through the top of each triangle to hang the banner. Looking back, it would have probably been easier to pin the hemp and sew it directly onto the burlap (as seen in the tutorial), rather than stringing it through. 

Here is the finished project: 

I think it turned out pretty cute and I look forward to making a new banner for the next holiday, which will probably be AJH’s second birthday party! I would like to get a darker tan burlap next time, but it was sold out both Walmart’s I visited so I settled on the white this time.

Speaking of AJH, she did her first watercolor painting this weekend, which was lots of fun.

I wanted her to have something special to wear on Valentine’s Day, but didn’t want to do what I do every year and buy a shirt from Old Navy. After seeing this tutorial on Pinterest, I decided to give it a whirl because I love the vintage look. I bought paper heart doilies at Walmart for $1.88, a white tee shirt from Walmart for $3, and some Martha Stewart Fabric paint for $2.99 at Michael’s Craft store. 
Thankfully I used one of AJH’s old pink shirts for the first time go round since it didn’t work very well.  The above tutorial says to roll the doily in paint and then press it onto the shirt, though when I tried that technique, none of the paint stuck. I then had to use this solution to remove the white splotches and start over. Next, I tried this tutorial and it worked a lot better! 
Here are the finished products:

You can see some of the white splotches on the first shirt, along with the leftover residue from my rubbing alcohol/hand sanitizer solution! The second shirt turned out much better!

This week, AJH also enjoyed this pipe cleaner/strainer activity I found on Pinterest, reading with daddy and in her chair, sporting her first ever pigtails and her “I COOL” Barbie sunglasses!

Did you make any Valentine’s Day crafts? 
If so, leave a comment with your blog so we can check them out!

Happy Tears 1

Here are a few things that give me happy tears:
1. Seeing this post. I have been following this Blacksburg, VA couple’s blog since finding them through the Reece’s Rainbow site. They were all set to adopt Riley, when someone from his extended family came to the orphanage and adopted him. They were then lead to Zara, who they have named “Lily,” and are currently in her home country and preparing to bring her home! Seeing the love they share will surely fill your eyes with happy tears as well.

2. Speaking of Reece’s Rainbow… I have more great news. Do you remember baby Cliffy?
Well, if you haven’t heard, he’s getting adopted, and his family is also currently getting ready to bring him home. He will be named Joshua. Follow their journey here and you will DIE when you see their latest pictures and videos. He is absolutely adorable and looks SO happy!
This is my favorite pic. Love that face!

It warms my heart to know that he has found his “forever family” and I thank all of you that donated money to his adoption fund!

3. Father’s Day. We had a great time with my family this weekend and AJ loved watching baseball with Papaw Russ. She even tried to shout “SWING” and “HIT”! I bet he can’t wait to get her out on the field!

 Here are some of my favorite pictures with my dad over the years.
He has taught me so many things…how to pitch, how to EAT with all my heart, how to enjoy life, and most of all, that he is ALWAYS there for me, no matter what.
And, of course, I must say Happy Father’s Day to my own hubby, who is amazing with our little babe. I love this picture of them from when she was teeny tiny.
She loves him SOOOO much.
I saw this quote on Kelle Hampton’s Facebook and thought it summarized things nicely: 
“Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads we know. Thank you for proudly rocking out Baby Bjorns, carrying pink diaper bags and singing along to the grumpy old troll song…in public. Maybe someday your minivan will transfrom into a Ferrari. Until then…feel the love today.”
Love to all the daddies out there and hoping everyone finds their own moments of happy tears this week.