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Turquoise Corner

I love this little turquoise chair and thought you would, too.

I picked it up randomly last fall from an antique booth at MaDee’s Market.

(If you’re interested in being a vendor at the market this fall, get more info. here. It’s a great cause!)

The awesome color and very attractive price tag caught my eye as I was literally walking out the door and I’m so glad I stopped to get it! Turquoise is my favorite color and I’ve enjoyed collecting bits and pieces in that shade to sprinkle around the house over the years.

I (more like my husband) didn’t think we had room for one.more.thing. but now that I put my cute little chair in this corner of our living room, I can’t imagine it NOT being there.

I’m really liking how it covers those unsightly cords.

It used to bother me that the color of the chair is not the exact same as the dresser, but I’m starting to embrace the ability to mix multiple shades of the same color rather than be too “matchy-matchy.”

What do you think?

Love This. 1

I really love this Autumn Bloom doormat from Crate and Barrel. I think it would look great with the green door and help to bring in the orange wreath I plan on hanging soon. 

Not sure about an orange wreath with a bright green door. Too Halloween? 
What do you think?