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This is What We Do #2

This is what we do…

We do shoes. And we do gymnastics. Not just gymnastics, but gymnastics in Hannah Montana leotards and Puma warm-ups.

We do dress-up. In baby carriages. While wearing Hannah Montana leotards.

We do high heels with nightgowns. Oh, my!

We do tree hugging. In Ruby slippers.

We do dress-up and dance. We do dress-up and deep thoughts.

We do dress-up with hats. We do dress-up with tears.

We do dirt. Planting. Gardens.

We do road trips to Hokie Country.

We do photo shoots with fake flowers.

And we do…


Don’t ask!

Dear AJH: 26 Months

Dear AJH,

I haven’t done a great job at keeping up with a “real” baby book or scrapbook for you and when I say “great job” I really mean that I haven’t filled out one page in the many baby books I have collected since before you were born (even the really expensive one from Pottery Barn).

But don’t fear…over the past 2 years I’ve been fairly consistent with updating your daily life in words and pictures on this site and I’ve decided I’m okay with this blog being your baby book…I can even turn it into a real book and have it printed out for us to look through over the years, which I’ve already done once after you turned one.

I’d love to do more posts like this one–with intentional, and informative “letters” to you…though I find it hard to put all of my deepest and most true feelings toward you into a place so public. I might just stick with the facts for now, but I think you’ll be okay with that.

(If all else fails, I’ve heard you can even turn your Facebook status updates and pictures into a book, and goodness knows I’ve done a GREAT job of keeping up with that!)

I love you and here is what you’ve been up to at 2 years and almost 2 months:

-You are currently requesting “Peace Like a River” and “You Are My Sunshine” for your night-time lullabies. Daddy sang “Peace Like a River” to you one time and you were hooked…now mommy needs to learn all the words! It was one of your Papa’s favorite songs and every time we sing it we think of him!

-You are talking up a storm, just like your mama. Also like your mama, you like to plan everything out loud and make sure everything is “straight” in your head, such as,”Tomorrow is ‘nastics, and then Wed. is ‘cucic’ (music class) with Mason,” and “Daddy is driving, mommy is riding, Annalee sit back here, Granny coming, Pops coming, Molly coming,” etc.

-Speaking of ‘nastics…you just started your first tumbling class and love it. You seem very “at home” in the gym, and I think you even have the build of a little gymnast. I can see lots of time there in your future!

-Your hair is still blonde with little curls in the back, which are enhanced by the humidity. We can fit the back into a little ponytail or “sprout” or the sides into two pigtails.

-You also still love b-ball and enjoy cheering daddy on at his games and asking to “shoot hoops.”

-Trying on, playing with and organizing your many pairs of shoes (most given to you from your cousin) will keep you occupied for quite some time. You also change clothes about 10 times a day and love picking out your outfits and saying things like, “This matches, this doesn’t match. This is too big and this is too small.”

-You have just started playing independently in the past few weeks. It’s so fun to watch you feed your babies, put them down for “night night,” make things with play dough, and sing along to your karaoke machine.

-You still pray for “Hokie” and “Abby” every night, and tonight you also added “‘nastics” and “jump up and down” to your list of prayers.

-Your favorite foods right now are probably french fries, yogurt and spaghetti.

-Your current obsession is a German cartoon you found on You Tube and refer to as “Dolls.” You ask to watch “Dolls” about 100 times a day and have already started to memorize the songs…in German. You also love watching videos of babies, firetrucks, and Caillou.

You are truly one-of-a-kind,

Love, Mommy


This is What We Do #1

If you ever wonder what us stay-at-home-slash-work-at-home moms of toddlers do all day…

…here is a little glimpse into our world…

We play dress-up. Lots and lots of dress-up.

Most days it involves some form of princess gear, high-heels and cowboy boots.

When it rains, we go out and feel the raindrops…

And after the rain we go for walks in search of mud puddles…

…and horses.

And when we get stir crazy…

…we go see the airplanes.

These are some of the fun moments of the week. I left out the tears and temper tantrums and typical two-year old tirades.

Maybe I’ll show you some of those next week!