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Maternity Fashion 1

Dressing a baby bump can actually be fun sometimes!

(though you may not think that if you saw the blue, men’s tee shirt and un-matching blue and Hawaiian print pajama pants I am wearing right now).

Here is one of my favorite recent outfits…

(Excuse my creepy lack of  eye contact).

This is an old, black shirt from T.J. Maxx tucked into a vintage skirt from my favorite antique store paired with some old flats from Gap. This has always been one of my favorite skirts and I’m glad I could get some wear out of it during the pregnancy.

You can follow some of my favorite maternity fashions on Pinterest here.

Do you have a favorite maternity store or pregnant fashion icon? Share it with me!

Yes to Denim Leggings!

After doing some research, I actually found denim maternity leggings online at Motherhood Maternity. I couldn’t resist….I ordered them as a trial and actually fell in love. They are so comfortable that I haven’t wanted to take them off since. Ben is still a little skeptical about the “jeggings” but I am planning on wearing them a lot!

Happy Halloween! 3

My festive attire for today:

This is half of my Juno costume…Being a high school teacher, I thought I shouldn’t wear the entire thing to school as to not promote teenage pregnancy! If I complete the outfit I’ll wear a skirt over the jeans and a hoodie–very easy costume for a pregnant girl!

 I borrowed the awesome Chuck’s from a student!