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30 Day Paleo Challenge: Week 1 is DONE!

IMG_5981The first week of the 30-Day Paleo Challenge has come to an end! I have been thrilled with the interaction and support from the group I am working with on Facebook. Everyone has been so honest, open and helpful as we embark on this journey together! I honestly didn’t see much of a change in myself until I looked at these pictures put side by side! Look how much less bloated I am!! Hallelujah!!

Here is my weekly update on my personal progress:

1. Weight: 128 (down 4.2 lbs)

2. Pictures (see below)

3. Sleep: Sleep patterns are about the same as last week…sleeping well but having a hard time waking up!

4. Energy level: I was still utterly exhausted all week! I got back on track with my vitamins and am wondering if I was going through detox this week from removing the gluten and sugar. I started to turn a corner on Friday with a bit more energy and hope it continues to improve!

5. Stomach/digestion: Feeling less bloated/gassy this week! No gluten/dairy definitely helps with this, I am sure!

6. Monthly cycle/PMS: Same so far…hoping it will get a bit longer because 26 days seems a little too frequent for me! LOL.

7. Skin/acne/rashes/bumps: Is detox acne a “thing”?! I have noticed a bit of an increase and hoping it will get better as I continue to expel all the yucky stuff from months of unhealthy eating.

8. Congestion/sinuses/allergies: I felt sinus pressure this week but the weather has changed and it finally feels like SPRING!

9. Anxiety levels: Anxiety was about the same this week but seemed to be more agitated with caffeine.

10. Happiness levels: Still feel generally happy but EXHAUSTED, which makes it kind of hard to enjoy things.

11. Strength level: Didn’t make it to the gym last week like I had hoped but will try again this week!

12. Relationship with food: I have noticed that I was doing A LOT of mindless snacking—especially on things high in sugar. Stopping that has been a hard habit to break, but I have been trying to substitute the snacking with hot tea, warm lemon water, or a few raisins/nuts.

13. Overall sickness/disease: I am not struggling with any overall sicknesses or diseases. I still feel like I have not overcome my adrenal fatigue and hope that with diet, exercise and the correct supplements I can feel my best!

***Cheat Meals*** I had a moment of extreme weakness when I was feeling emotional and got a 12-piece nugget meal from Chick-Fil-A. Yikes! It was amazing and I didn’t regret it. But I am slowly starting to lose the craving for fried food and hope to do less cheating this week!



30-Day Paleo Challenge: Before

Begining Weight I am so excited to begin a 30-Day Paleo Challenge tomorrow along with over 75 other friends! I did the Paleo diet in January 2013 and never felt better, but over time I have fallen off the bandwagon and think it’s time to get back on! My nutritionist believes it’s the best diet/lifestyle for me because of my history with adrenal fatigue, anxiety and depression. I hope to do weekly updates to track my progress. Here is what I will be tracking if you’d like to join in and follow along!

1. Weight: 132.2

2. Pictures (see below)

3. Sleep: I currently sleep pretty well, about an average of 7 hours a night. I have a very hard time getting up in the morning. I find I have most energy later at night.

4. Energy level: I have been utterly exhausted lately. I am not sure if it’s a result of poor diet, running out of my vitamins and nutmeg essential oil (for adrenal fatigue), or just being busy, but something has got to change! I can’t get through the day without a nap.

5. Stomach/digestion: I very rarely get stomach cramps (probably thanks to my probiotics) but I still feel bloated and gassy after most meals.

6. Monthly cycle/PMS: Monthly cycle averages 26 days, generally have a really bad day about a week before with extreme irritability. Mild cramps the day before.

7. Skin/acne/rashes/bumps: Nothing out of the ordinary, some acne if I don’t wash my face at night!

8. Congestion/sinuses/allergies: Nothing noticeable.

9. Anxiety levels: Anxiety is average to moderate on some occasions.

10. Happiness levels: I feel generally happy but EXHAUSTED, which makes it kind of hard to enjoy things.

11. Strength level: I currently feel pretty weak. I have not exercised regularly for months. Hope to add in three workouts a week.

12. Relationship with food: I currently feel like I am pretty attached to certain foods for comfort and convenience….mainly fast food and eating out. I hate eating at home. This is bad. And hard.

13. Overall sickness/disease: I am not struggling with any overall sicknesses or diseases. I still feel like I have not overcome my adrenal fatigue and hope that with diet, exercise and the correct supplements I can feel my best!

Wish me luck!


My skinniest skinny jeans!

My Skinniest Skinny Jeans!

bathing suit before Collage

My bathing suit before


I'd love to fit comfortably into these pants again!

I’d love to fit comfortably into these pants again!

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There is no quick fix

We all know that life is not about quick fixes, regardless of our patience or lack thereof.

I have seen some controversy about how a product I use and share is just a “quick fix” for those who are too lazy to eat a healthy diet and exercise.

Well, let me share my story.

I started the Paleo diet for health reasons when my daughter was six months old in January of 2013. I had lost all my baby weight and was at my pre-pregnancy weight of 130. I was generally happy with my physical appearance but I felt awful all the time—exhausted, anxious and in pain after every meal. I started following the Paleo lifestyle and exercising a few times a week, and by April of 2013 I had lost 12 pounds and felt amazing!

I had some extra skin on my stomach that wasn’t going anywhere despite my extremely healthy diet and exercise regimen. Like most mamas, I thought I was stuck with it and had resigned to wearing “Spanx” for the rest of my life on those special occasions. And honestly, I was okay with that. I didn’t “hate my body” or think I was “broken.” Would it be nice to see the abs hiding under all that extra skin? Sure!

I saw a friend’s results from the Ultimate Body Applicator and thought, “Cool! This would be amazing, even if it only “worked” for a couple hours and allowed me to not have to ever wear spanx again!” At the time I had no idea it would actually work a lot longer than a few hours!

I never thought I was being targeted, bullied, or shamed because of my post-baby body.

I never felt broken or less than because of the post I saw.

I just thought, “Cool! I bet all my friends would love this product!”

And I was right!

I am not here to “fix” anyone or anything. I am here to offer help and hope. This is not a quick fix, miracle, magical solution. This is a product that heals the skin and helps people along their journey.

I didn’t need a wrap to feel good about myself, and neither do you. Will it help? Maybe! Is it awesome? Yes! Is it okay to want to look sexy and feel confident? Of course! It does not make you vain or selfish to do so.

We all have things we want help with from our hair, to our skin, to our digestion. If we didn’t we would never go shopping, never get our hair done, never wear make-up, and never worry about diet or exercise.

I pray that my heart will be shown through my words and actions as I continue using these products and helping others to do the same. Much love!

my results from one wrap