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Pregnancy Updates: Weeks 30-36

As I mentioned, it’s been hot, I’ve been tired and have been a major blogging slacker. I want to remember this pregnancy so since AJH is taking an extra long nap today, I decided to try to catch up!


How Far Along: 36 weeks (9 months)
Maternity Clothes? Dresses are definitely way more comfy than pants, so I wear a lot of long dresses (the short ones are harder since the bump is sticking straight out), and long skirts with maternity tank tops.
Stretch Marks: Not yet!
Sleep: The sleeping issues have finally hit me…I am still able to get pretty comfortable except for some hip pain (from sleeping on my side), though I’m having a much harder time falling back to sleep after my 550th bathroom break of the night! Since I typically wake every two hours to “go potty” I think this baby is definitely trying to prepare me for the night feedings!
Best Moment this Week: Having AJH lay on my stomach and talk to her baby sister.
Miss Anything: Getting a full night’s sleep, which I know won’t be happening for a while!
Movement: I was feeling a lot more movement for a while, and now I think she is so crammed in there she has run out of room! She moves around a lot but I can tell she’s kind of stuck in one place with not much room to really kick or swim around.
Food Cravings: I am still craving cold things…ice cream, sherbert, and popsicles.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Nope!
Gender: A girl
Labor Signs: At my 35 week appt. I was 70% effaced and 1 cm dilated. I feel a lot of pressure and pushing from her (esp. on my bladder!).
Symptoms: Besides going to the bathroom every five minutes, I’m still pretty short of breath, even when sitting completely still! I have heartburn from time to time and other yucky things you prob. don’t want to hear about! My feet also get pretty swollen while out in the heat and I’m getting pretty tired.
Belly Button in or out? It’s technically in and completely flat, but it’s so stretched out that it’s kind of protruding now!
Wedding rings on or off? I had to take them off last week because it was over 100 degrees and they were feeling pretty tight. I’ll prob. be on the safe side and keep them off until after the baby so they don’t get stuck.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Starting to get a little grumpy..more tired, more pain, and this heat isn’t the best combination!
Looking forward to: Our last ultrasound today!


Here are some pictures from some events in the past few weeks.
They’re not great shots, but they’ll be good to look back on next time around!


I hope to make some more updates in the next few weeks if all goes well!


Nine Months Pregnant, a Haircut, and (Finally) a Blog Post 1

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed because you haven’t blogged in almost a month and you have about a million things you want to write about but you have no idea where to start?

Well, that’s how I feel right about now.

I’m nine months pregnant.

(everything I wear looks like a tent, if of course, it’s big enough to fit over the massively protruding belly)

It’s hot.

I’m tired.

I’m trying to soak in every last minute with this little girl…

(practicing her baby-wearing skills while I try to figure out how in the world to work a Moby wrap)

Before baby girl #2 arrives.

Today we went to a fancy salon and she got her first haircut…

Along with two suckers and a pink balloon.

Life is good.


As Annalee would say, “I did it!!!”

I did a blog post!!

Now that the pressure is off I can get back to doing them more regularly, like whenever AJH sleeps.

Or I can just lay on the couch in the AC.

Wish me luck!

What’s Great About Today 6

Have you ever felt like nothing can go right, one “bad” thing happens after another, and you just can’t catch a break?

Lately I have fallen into that trap…

And I’m starting to take it personal.

I can’t help but wonder why nothing seems to “go our way.”

I’ve even gone as far as asking, “What did we do to deserve this?”

Welcome to my pity party. It’s not a fun place to be.

You know…the SUV needs all new ($1,000) tires, all the windows in said SUV refuse to roll up at the same time, a huge business deal falls through, you get sick and rack up an ungodly ER bill…

None of it is earth shattering, or life-ending, or tragic.

And my husband and I find ourselves constantly saying, “It could always be worse.”

And it could. We don’t need a reminder of that. We hear of horrible things happening around us every day.

We know our life is good. Great. Ideal.

I’m not here to compare troubles.

As always, I’m here to try and learn something.

And I’m just not happy with, “It could always be worse” as the lesson.

So, then what am I supposed to be learning from all this?

How to be more patient? How to live simply? How to be frugal? How to appreciate the small things?

I’m starting to think the lesson is how to focus on what is already good rather than what “could be worse.”

I know you’re thinking, How perfect and cheery and pleasant!

Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. A few weeks ago I asked my mother-in-law to borrow the book, One Thousand Gifts. I was determined to “dare to live fully right were you are” as the cover promises.

I read the first ten pages and had to stop due to uncontrollable crying.

Okay, maybe I’m not ready for this lesson yet. 

After my poor hubby accidentally backed into someone’s car in the bank parking lot today, we started questioning things again. Not sure if I was ready to revisit the-book-that-made-me-cry, tonight I serendipitously came across this article which invites us to ask, “Do you know what’s great about that?” every time a challenge arises.

The car needs all new tires! You know what’s great about that? It will be super-safe and easy to drive once we have them!

My outlook  finally started to change and just when it seemed like one more “bad” thing had happened to us, I remembered to ask, “Do you know what was great about today?”

And I had the best possible answer.

We got to witness the miracle of life today.

We got to see our daughter’s beautiful face for the first time.

We got to hear her healthy heartbeat.

And we got to watch her stick her tongue out at us, as if to say, “How dare you need reminding of what is great about today!”


I hope to push the tears aside and read more of One Thousand Gifts, start keeping a gratitude journal, and continue to ask, “What’s great about that?” when more challenges arise.

A helpful journal topic to explore this idea is making a cluster of your current gifts and challenges.

I’m excited to share this journey with you!