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Spring break on the mind… 1

There is nothing better than…
And as of late my blogging world has been swapped for playdates with my little one
in the sun.
And for the next five days there will be plenty more…
Happy Spring Break, Easter,
 and bare feet in the grass!

2 Things + More

Two things I absolutely LOVE right now:
1. AJH giving the TIGHTEST hugs before bed. She literally wraps her arms around my neck so hard that I think she will never let go. And I secretly hope she doesn’t.
It’s the best thing in the world.
2. AJH spazzing with excitement about anything and everything. I have met my match, people. She shakes and squeals and giggles and throws her hands up and down even more than her mama. 
Pictures to come soon. You’ve gotta see these in action…
In other news, I’ve been spending my spare time going for walks with the babe in which we seek out cows and pretty mountain views. Today we were dually lucky. 
 And she was LOVING it. 
I’ve been spending the rest of my time as a blogging/tweeting/technology machine. I’m working hard to keep the wedding blogs rolling on Where to Get Engaged while also teaching full time. I LOVE beautiful things and weddings are the perfect place to find them so it’s been a really fun opportunity for me. I’ve also been REALLY into twitter lately and love communicating with my favorite lady, @Posessionista,  about fashion, make-up and all things girlie. I’ve also been helping my very close friend from college get her fashion line off the ground! We’ve got her blog, Facebook page, and Etsy page up and running and she is ready to sell! I will link to her Etsy page once  we update the listings with professional photos and a few more dresses very soon!
In other big news, both Designs by Kara Kihm and myself will be vendors at the second annual MaDee’s Market this October. I will be will furiously making accessories for mama’s and babies between now and then in hopes of getting lots of sales for The MaDee Project! The MaDee project was formed in honor of our friend MaDee, and is a non profit foundation that provides support to local pediatric cancer patients and their families. The project will also nationally fund research in hopes of finding the cause and help to prevent pediatric cancers from reaching any other children. Kara will be designing a “MaDee” dress in MaDee’s favorite colors, brown and pink, to be debuted at the market. Back in our college days Kara and I did Relay for Life together and talked for hours about how we wanted to do more to help those suffering from cancer, so we feel very honored that years later this opportunity has been offered. Stay tuned for more details and consider supporting The MaDee Project however you can!
 {Happy almost weekend!}

Random Rituals + Etiquette 3

 We have a new morning ritual…
 Eating crackers in bed.
It’s pretty awesome.
Read more about it here on my fun little side blog with two friends across the country.
We also have a new afternoon ritual…
 Long walks in the neighborhood.
Which are equally awesome on days when the temps are well into the 80’s
with a cool breeze.
You can tell our girl is lovin’ some summer-time weather.
She literally sat in her “chill pose,” laid back with her leg up, singing along with the birdies the entire walk.
And I don’t know about you, but in our circle of friends there are babies galore. In fact one of our close friends gave birth just a few days ago to an adorable little boy so when I came across this very helpful article via Dear Baby today it was very fitting. I think everyone should read it before going to visit a new mama. If you’re not a mama yet, you will probably read it and think, “This is so ridiculous…I know my friends will want me to stay more than 15 minutes…” but trust the author when she says, “…the mother is recovering physically, either from a surgical birth, or from the equivalent of a triathlon where the prize was a grapefuit sized head flying out of her vagina.  Either of these things makes you sore and tired. They would like to see you, but don’t want to be tired out by a long visit.”
Very informative!
Hope you can enjoy some crackers in bed, long walks and new babies this week.
Love, P