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This is What We Do #3

This is what we do…

We do pink toenails.

We do stopping to smell the roses.

We do eating cereal with daddy.

We do pep talks in the mirror.

We do cooking with jelly beans and animal crackers (in our bathing suit).

We do trips to the river (in basketball gear).

We do Mommy and Daddy trips to the lake…

for one last “baby moon,”

while AJH has a weekend with Mamaw and Papaw…

…which includes french braids, barns, eating whole cheeseburgers and the pool.

And we do…

big girl photo shoots!

Can’t wait to see the rest of these awesome pictures from Sidney Leigh Photography!

This is What We Do #2

This is what we do…

We do shoes. And we do gymnastics. Not just gymnastics, but gymnastics in Hannah Montana leotards and Puma warm-ups.

We do dress-up. In baby carriages. While wearing Hannah Montana leotards.

We do high heels with nightgowns. Oh, my!

We do tree hugging. In Ruby slippers.

We do dress-up and dance. We do dress-up and deep thoughts.

We do dress-up with hats. We do dress-up with tears.

We do dirt. Planting. Gardens.

We do road trips to Hokie Country.

We do photo shoots with fake flowers.

And we do…


Don’t ask!

This is What We Do #1

If you ever wonder what us stay-at-home-slash-work-at-home moms of toddlers do all day…

…here is a little glimpse into our world…

We play dress-up. Lots and lots of dress-up.

Most days it involves some form of princess gear, high-heels and cowboy boots.

When it rains, we go out and feel the raindrops…

And after the rain we go for walks in search of mud puddles…

…and horses.

And when we get stir crazy…

…we go see the airplanes.

These are some of the fun moments of the week. I left out the tears and temper tantrums and typical two-year old tirades.

Maybe I’ll show you some of those next week!