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Beautiful Words and Photos

Mollye Miller, whose sister, Lexi, was one of my bridesmaids, was a guest at our wedding and took some beautiful photographs, including these, which are some of our absolute favorites.

 All of the Roanoke College guests.

This one hangs in our living room.

Mollye just wrote a book review for a wonderful new poetry and art book that is coming out soon. You can find out more about how to get a copy of the book or to get in contact with the editor (Mica Valdez) here. As a lover of poetry and its ability to heal, I wanted to share this review and Mollye’s beautiful words. I also LOVE the lines she described from the poem“Indigenous Woman: Portrait of a Lady.”  

Make it Beautiful Monday: Love that grin

I got a little side-tracked with snow days and missed my Thursday and Friday posts last week, but not for lack of topics. I look forward to writing about them this week so stay tuned! 
Some snow and cuddling was just what the Dr. ordered after my Worthy Wednesday post. I didn’t get any pictures of our cuddle time, but I assure you, it was amazing.
I made a little collage to celebrate her nine-month birthday on Thursday.
Love that grin!
This girl was a total mess on Friday and it was awesome. 
Love that belly, love those socks, love that hair, but most of all…love that grin.
My family came into town to babysit and the mister and I went to a beautiful Christmas-inspired wedding. 
 The perfect winter princess bride.Don’t you love that little fur shrug? And she wore her mother’s vintage headpiece and veil…l.o.v.e.
 AJH practiced dancing and looking pretty while we were gone. 
On Sunday we ventured out to visit Santa and it was an experience. She really liked the toys…
But wasn’t really into Santa yet…
Maybe next year!
Later that night we visited with family and I got to capture one more look at that grin…
I have a nice two-week break from working and plan on doing lots more cuddling, along with some writing, crafting, and reading. I began my vacation with a nice dinner and movie date tonight with this girl. We saw Black Swan and it was very thought-provoking, especially on the topic of perfectionism–something which I have been thinking about a lot lately through the work of Brene Brown. If I’m feeling intellectual later this week, I may try to write more, but for now, it’s off to bed…Much love on this Monday evening!

The English Dept. 1

I’ve had this tab saved on my browser for a week now, so instead of keeping it there, I decided to do a little post so I don’t forget how much I love it!
Being an English major, of course I am a little partial to the name, but what really got me was this exquisite bodice…
 and this adorable little embroidered tulle number…
Look at this beautiful detail: 
It makes me wanna have a vow renewal for the millionth time since becoming a wedding blogger!