Oh, How Pinteresting! Wednesday #3 3

Here are some of my favorite things on Pinterest this week:

Beautiful Places and Spaces:

I love this mystical little nook!
Books to Read:

Last week I mashed peas into yogurt. There has got to be a better way! Any advice on getting my little one to eat her veggies?
 Beautiful Clothes:

I am obsessed with this dress. Hard core. Where could I wear it? I need an excuse to buy ASAP!
Fun Stuff for Kids:

 I am saving up to buy this cute little kitchen for AJH. I love the vintage look and the fact that it will match our own home!

Wedding Dresses I love:

I know this dress could come off more “doily” than darling, but I can’t help but love it. I am very into all of the embellishments on the gowns in Claire Pettibone’s Couture bridal line, making them so ethereal and fairy-like.

What’s your favorite pin this week? Link up with The Vintage Apple and show them off!


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3 thoughts on “Oh, How Pinteresting! Wednesday #3

  • Jessica

    Have you checked out the Jessica Seinfielf cookbooks?She has lots of ways to hide veggies. I have her first one if you want to look at it. If you puree veggies you can mix them in everything! I always put pureed sweet potatoes in my spaghetti sauce b/c you can not taste it at all…and my kids don't like sweet potatoes. Avocado is easy to hide too, especially in 'sweeter' foods. Let me know if you want the book!