Hey, It’s OK…#10 1

Hey, It’s OK…
…to have absolutely no desire to ever go back to school.
…to have never read any of the Harry Potter books. 
…to eat not one, not two, but THREE Thanksgiving dinners over the holiday weekend. 
…to wonder every month where on earth all of the money goes.
…to protest Walmart. 
…to not be anywhere close to being done with Christmas shopping.
What’s your favorite “Hey, It’s Ok!” moment of the week?

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One thought on “Hey, It’s OK…#10

  • rush4hills@gmail.com

    hey it's ok to that you had to get up @ 4:30 to get myself ready, my daughter ready & drop her @ school & make Dr.'s appt. 1hr.1/2 away by 9 am.& I was still late.